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How to set Triggers for the Sensor Events - Knowledgebase / ToDo - Evogence Helpdesk

How to set Triggers for the Sensor Events

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RPN Player allows to assign triggers on events detected by different types of sensors. Triggers are special actions that are initialized as a response to the detected event.

1. Go to Contextual Tracking > Ambient Sensor.

2. Click the Trigger Details icon.

3. In the displayed menu click Add Trigger Rule.

4. In the Add Contextual Trigger form specify the Priority, Trigger Counter, Event, and Action. For example, check Play Video Sequence box. Select the proper video sequence.

There are five types of triggers:

a) Alarm – after the event detection the notification e-mail will be sent;

b) Upload camera video to FTP – the video from web-camera will be uploaded to FTP-server;

c) Play Video Sequence – the video sequence will be played back after the event detection;

d) Open URL in the Browser – the specified web-address will be opened. If the layout set for the video channel has no browser frame, this trigger will not work.

e) Play Audio Sequence – the audio sequence will be played back after the event detection.

Note: To set a Browser frame go to Channels for the proper layout frame click the Edit this Frame icon. In the appeared form check the Browser, URL box and type the web-address to be opened. 

5. Click Save.

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