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Skype for Business Installation

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Skype for Business(SFB) service is a service that allows communication with people inside our organization. SFB integrates with Microsoft Outlook, uses Outlook Address book contacts and Calendar.

This document describes how to obtain, install & start to use the software.

         1.     Obtain and install software (desktop).

·       UA Location: “\\\Drobo\Install\Office\Skype for Business

·       US: Location (Windows version): \\\Radical\IT\Skype for Business

·       US: Location (MAC Version): “\\\Radical\IT\Skype for Business\MAC\

Windows: Run Lync2013.exe and follow wizard
Mac: Run Lync2011Mac and follow wizard

Windows: After Installation you will have Skype for Business installed. You will need to manually enter the intermedia servers in the advanced section of Lync

               Manually update Skype configuration(Windows):

     A.     Open Skype for Business

     B.     Click on gear on the upper right corner

     C.     Click Tools, then options

     D.    Click Personal, then advanced

     E.     Click Manual configuration radio button

     F.     Enter in the following config:

a.     Internal Server Name:

b.     External Server Name:

     G.    Click ok , then ok again will return you to the main sign screen.

 Mac: After Installation you will have Lync 2011 installed.  You will need to manually enter the intermedia servers in the advanced section of Lync.

     Manually update Skype configuration (Mac):

      A.     Start Lync 2011 and click Advanced (bottom of screen)

      B.     Select Manual configuration radio button

      C.     Enter following values:

 a.     Internal Server Name:

 b.     External Server Name:


            Windows with Skype for Business 2015 installed ONLY A-C

A.     If you already have Skype for Business 2015 installed (with Microsoft Office 2013) you can download only from location above, unpack it & run Lync2013.reg file.

B.     Answer “Yes” on question about adding information to registry.

C.     After computer restart Skype for Business 2015 will be configured to use Intermedia servers.


2.     Start Skype for Business (or Lync 2013) application

During first run you will be prompted for account information.

Please enter your Evogence e-mail address (<username> as username and your e-mail password to as password.

MAC ONLY: enter email address in the email address and User ID fields.


3.     You can start typing colleague’s name in “Find someone or room” field and Contact list will appear below.
You can create your own groups by pressing “Add Contact…” button and put your contacts to “Favorites” or other groups.

In Outlook Calendar you will have a new button “New Skype Meeting” which creating a new appointment with “Join Skype Meeting” link. You and your colleague’s, who have Skype for Business installed, could use this link to join meeting.


4.     For mobile devices (Android and Apple) you can download “Skype for Business” in Play Market.

As far as this service is using Intermedia provider – default settings will not work.

During login – Select “Advanced settings” and set following:

·       Sign-in address: Your email address

·       Password: Your password

·       User name: Your email address

·       Auto-Detect Server: Turn Off/Disable

·       External Discovery URL:

·       Internal Discovery URL:

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