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AS Enterprise Server 2.7.2.p.6 Released - News / General - Evogence Helpdesk

Mar 4 2016

AS Enterprise Server 2.7.2.p.6 Released

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This news post provides version-specific information about the patch release of AS Enterprise Server 2.7.2.p.6.

New Features

  • Added the procedure that updates Last Modification Time for applications when updating the time zone on AS Enterprise Server.
  • Extended the amount of data writing to User Access logs (logging of all data saving procedures).
  • Moved the functionality to override QMS Server settings to a separate tab.
  • Added a capability to view autologs in appliance details.
  • Updated icons for the mobile platform.
  • Added automatic assignment of the company to the appliance when registering it in the appliance group.
  • Added the Employee Account Synchronization option into Operation Frequency settings.
  • Added a capability to enable or disable automatic synchronization of employees.
  • Added the action icons for powering off or rebooting the appliance through Power Controller.
  • Modified design of the Edit Appliance Group form.
  • Added automatic re-mapping of the company for appliances when changing the company for the appliance group.
  • Added a capability to select QMS Server hosts on the Appliance Details page.
  • Added a new option for AS: Mobile Enterprise - QMS Statistics Synchronization.
  • Added the option to remember the user credentials when logging in to AS Enterprise Server.
  • Added an option for delivery only employee accounts mapped to the specific location, which the delivery task request is aimed at.
  • Renamed several sections of AS Enterprise Server to meet he updated marketing requirements.
  • Unified the synchronization parameters for media appliances and tablets with AS: Mobile Enterprise.
  • Added indication of connection status for media appliances integrated with AS Enterprise Server via Power Controller.
  • Added the action icons for performing remote reboot of the connected appliance via the connected Power Controller.
  • Added realtime update of connection status icons for media appliances connected via Power Controller.
  • Created the DAL service that passes the updated data synchronization parameters to tables with AS Mobile Enterprise.
  • Resolved the issue with the corrupted navigation path during initial initialization of AS Enterprise Server.
  • Created the database scheme for support of automatic appliance registration.
  • Added the system section for managing parameters of automatic appliance registration.
  • Added a new type of delivery task request - ASME Modules Settings Delivery.
  • Created the pop-up form for managing content modules for AS Mobile Enterprise.
  • Created the Integration form for tablets with AS Mobile Enterprise that allows input of addresses of AS Enterprise Server and CIP system.
  • Updated the settings of analog audio channels and unified them with the appliances.
  • Hid the Notifications section from the Setup menu.
  • Hid the Company field in the Register Appliance form when registering appliances into the existing appliance group.
  • Increased the data limits for export of QMS reporting data on AS Enterprise Server.
  • Added support for a new player model - S2117.
  • Added support for Power Controller.
  • Allowed all types of delivery task requests for Adaptive Signage Mobile Enterprise.
  • Added a new type of delivery task request which wipes all the data on appliance (resets to system default settings).
  • Disabled display of the RMA and Repair Appliance icons.
  • Updated the copyright information block.
  • Added a capability to reboot or shut down the appliance through the Wi-Fi boot device.
  • Added automatic cleanup of appliance data when re-mapping the appliance to another company ].
  • Added a capability to assign HDMI / DVI sound to Picture-in-Picture frames.
  • Added automatic assignment of the appliance to the specific company depending on the appliance group settings.
  • Added a capability to manage ping timeout for Power Controller on AS Enterprise Server.
  • Added a capability to associate one employee with multiple locations and grant privileges of the location manager as well.
  • Added execution of automatic tasks for changing the appliances' company when changing the company for the whole appliance group.
  • Disabled display of the Operation Log functionality in the interface of AS Enterprise Server.
  • Added a capability to manage settings of tablets with AS Mobile Enterprise.
  • Added a new solution type - ASME.
  • Added export of locations which the employee is mapped to the tablets with AS Mobile Enterprise.
  • Added automatic increase in the ping timeout for appliances with the increased ping timeout.
  • Improved the default appliance search, now it includes both Title and Location.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved the issue with hiding contextual hints after a minute of inactivity on the Appliance Details page.
  • Resolved the issue with signing in to appliances with Adaptive Signage 3.6.x from AS Enterprise Server.
  • Corrected behavior of unregistering the appliance from the appliance group but preserving the old company association.
  • Resolved the issue with automatic switch of the company for a new one for the whole appliance group when registering a new appliance group associated with another company.
  • Corrected the mechanism of saving content delivered from AS Enterprise Server when items mapped to a specific company cannot be saved for all companies.
  • Resolved the alignment issue with checkboxes for filtering media types in the sequence content adding form.
  • Corrected behavior for not showing information about the discrepancy content<>appliance if the playback schedule for this content ended more than one day ago.
  • Corrected behavior of managing appliance groups so now you cannot register multiple appliances associated with different companies within one appliance group.
  • Corrected the way of showing reports on interactive applications in the form of data tree (as for Proof of Play reports).
  • Removed all restrictions for delivery task requests for the mobile platform.
  • Resolved the issue with the capability to enable or disable the Account Enabled option for employee accounts.
  • Disabled display of employees who did not log in to Queue Management System within the reporting period.
  • Corrected behavior in such a way that employees associated with a specific company cannot view locations mapped to another company.
  • Corrected behavior in such a way that employee accounts are removed from the appliance if the location or company, which the employee was mapped to, was changed to another one.
  • Resolved the issue with update of appliance / ASME model code.
  • Resolved the issue when performing delivery task requests to multiple appliances from different appliance groups.
  • Resolved the issue with the upload of a new revision of SHOWConnect application resulting in the the error.
  • Resolved the issue with redirection to the top of the list with triggers when managing triggers for the last sensor on the list.
  • Resolved the issue with the missing frame divider for Overlay 3/4 layout.
  • Resolved the markup issue with the oversized page for selecting channels and frames for content delivery (when adding Broadcast Schedule Delivery).
  • Unified the system of numbering of digital input ports on AS Enterprise Server and appliances.
  • Resolved the issue with display of long titles for data filtration in Interactive Applications report.
  • Resolved the issue with showing the portrait layout as landscape when creating Broadcast Schedule Delivery request.
  • Resolved the issue with the incorrect display of portrait video channel layouts when creating delivery task requests.
  • Resolved the issue with skipping the last day from the selected period of time when filtering the User Operation logs.
  • Resolved the issue with fusion of Address 1 and Address 2 when specifying information for store locations.
  • Resolved the issue with fitting the application preview image to the allocated image area.
  • Resolved the issue with the incorrect sequence sorting by size.
  • Resolved the issue with delivery of schemas containing both past and future playback periods.
  • Disabled display of the icon for signing in to appliance for tablets with Adaptive Signage: Mobile Enterprise.
  • Resolved the markup issues with the mail settings during the initial initialization of AS Enterprise Server.
  • Resolved the issue with sending the command for remote reboot of the appliance through the Power Controller.
  • Resolved the issue with impossibility to register appliances on AS Enterprise Server when entering IP address routed through AS Support Server.
  • Resolved the issue with showing incorrect messages in notifications when registering an appliance group.
  • Resolved the issue with keeping the user in the appliance group, which he deleted the appliance from.
  • Added automatic generation of the background color for employee accounts.
  • Resolved the issue with exporting reporting data to ZIP files containing either Excel or CSV files.
  • Resolved the issue when saving the edited user account in the Identity Server section.
  • Resolved the issue with disappearance of the appliance group sidebar when deleting one of the appliance groups.
  • Resolved the issue with search for appliances by name.
  • Resolved the issue with the non-saving of the options allowing the editing of ES and CIP hosts.
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