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[Ei] Central 3.1.2 Release Notes - News / General - Evogence Helpdesk

Dec 10 2017

[Ei] Central 3.1.2 Release Notes

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This news post provides supplemental information about [Ei] Central™ release 3.1.2.

New Features, Enhancements, and Changes in [Ei] Central™

Support for New [Ei] Node Models

[Ei] Central has received support for new node models. You can register, manage, and configure the following node models:

  • Dell XPS 27” – use the multi-touch screen to output the interactive applications and immersive broadcast content to your customers.
  • Alienware Alpha R2 – take advantage of the superb performance and broadcast the high-resolution media content through connected screens.

Extended Task Distribution Capabilities

[Ei] Central has received support for new types of task requests:

  • Playback Restart – initiates remote restart of the playback system on the connected nodes.
  • Appliance Reboot - initiates remote reboot of the node.

Support for Playback Control Kit

[Ei] Central has received support for management and configuration of Playback Control Kit. It enables the following:

  • Launch and pause of the media playback on the connected screen.
  • Quick navigation across the video file.
  • Adjusting volume level of the outputted audio signal.
  • Setup of a frame ID for Playback Control Kit.

Enhanced Configuration of Node Parameters

List of enhancements includes but not limited to:

  • Improved configuration of the video wall layout when registering a new video wall group. It allows dynamic creation and generation of the video wall layout configuration including the screen orientation.
  • An option to check accessibility of TV when establishing connecting to its configuration interface.
  • An option to select the input audio port when configuring the Volume Control Kit.
  • Added an option to deliver but not install the node group configuration once it is delivered to all units.
  • Management and configuration of Unity 3D effects in Content Library of [Ei] Central.
  • Corrected behavior of displaying the Save button upon modifications in the video channel configuration for node models that do not support the Force Resolution and Treat Output as options.

[Ei] Node Registration Improvements

List of improvements includes but not limited to the following:

  • Registration of unknown node models is now tolerated by [Ei] Central and does not result in the registration problems.
  • Display of unknown node models along with supported node models on the table with appliances.
  • Added the mechanism that tracks nodes pending registration but being offline for a long period of time. The mechanism removes them from the list automatically upon reaching the pre-defined period.
  • Added the mechanism which sends automatic notifications about nodes pending registration on [Ei] Central to the administrator.
  • Added validation of the expiry date for node automatic registration tokens. Now the expiry date cannot be older than the current date.

[Ei] Branding Updates in Interface

  • Updated the copyright information in the page footer and related forms.
  • Added the registered trademark sign to the Evogence company name.
  • Removed all mentions of RPN platform in the interface of [Ei] Central.
  • Removed the 'RPN' word from email and system notifications generated on [Ei] Central.

Extended Node Monitoring and Indication

  • Added the visual indication that playback of the sequence was stopped when viewing the appliance details.
  • Added an email notification about the appliance showing black screen which is sent to the administrator of the node group.

Reliability and Stability Improvements

This section outlines all reliability and stability improvements delivered with the  [Ei] Central™ 3.1.2 release.

Security Updates

This release has addressed certain security issues, such as:

  • Updated the permission validation engine when all contextual areas, products, and services may become available to the user associated with a specific company.
  • Updated the license validation engine when QMS mode can be activated upon unavailability of the QMS license on [Ei] Central.
  • Addressed an issue with showing all nodes from the entire Ei Central when sorting nodes within a specific node group.

Operational Improvements

This section outlines all the critical operational issues that were resolved in [Ei] Central™ 3.1.2.

Removal of locations with employees

Corrected behavior of removing store locations with employees. The removal of the location caused impossibility to delete all the employees associated with it afterwards.

Showing no monitoring information for a node

Addressed the problem related showing no monitoring information for a node registered within a specific node group. The issue occurred for individual nodes not allowing viewing the monitoring information about CPU and memory consumption.

Excess inactivity periods on the grid

Addressed the problem showing excess inactivity periods on the grid. The issue occurred after adding new inactivity time periods for the node group.

Impossibility to upload BMP files

Addressed the problem with uploading BMP files into Content Library of [Ei] Central. The user was not able to upload files of BMP format and further use them in sequences.

Absence of Proof of Play and Contextual Tracking Reports

Addressed the problem with showing no Proof of Play and Contextual Tracking reports in the Analytics section upon availability of this data on [Ei] Central. This prevented users from viewing analytics data and getting insight into it.

Abnormal delivery duration of Bowling app

Addressed the problem with abnormal duration of delivery of the Bowling app with Unity 3D effects to the node group.

[Ei] Central™ 3.1.2 Compatibility Requirements

[Ei] Central ™ 3.1.2 is compatible with the following versions of [Ei] OS™:

  • Ei [OS] 4.0.0
  • Ei [OS] 4.0.1
  • Ei [OS] 3.10.X

Known issues and limitations


Previous [Ei] Central™ releases within the 3.1.X branch can be automatically updated to this version.


No critical bugs have been identified.


The list of known issues include the following:

  • Issue with creation of valid video channel layouts having multiple frames [AS-14769].
  • Problem with showing Visitor Traffic Performance reports for the current day only [AS-14897].
  • Problem with using different time formats when showing playback schedules on the grid or creating new playback schemes [AS-14950].
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